This is what I wanted to do at Halloween….but my crappy friends(you know who you are) didn’t want to.

BBQ & Banshees at The County Line

Posted by tonya hacker
on September 3, 2009 at 8:34 pm




Oklahoma City, OK- The County Line Restaurant has a magnificent past. It has held haunting tales for the past 20 years and is still going strong. As new staff members enter the County Line crew, I have found that just dropping in to check on the ghost stories to be one of my all time favorite things to do, oh and I can’t forget the great BBQ!




In the 1930’s during the Prohibition days and when society declared that pointing fingers at what was socially acceptable was the rage, the former Oak Cliff club was purchased by a Greek immigrant. The then known as Oklahoma’s Kentucky Club paved the way for Oklahoma City nightlife. Booze, women, dancing, fashion and of course gambling were some of the key elements that kicked the Kentucky Club into  gear and deemed to be one of the city’s hot spots.  Not only did the Kentucky Club attract the local rum  guzzlers the club attracted high rollers from all across the nation. Rumors of busted up raids, insider informants and of course murder line the walls of the club today.  The club was infamous for it’s entertainment and a great place where you could grab a bite of food and a stiff drink in the days where money was scarce but living the  high life was demanded. The club was designed after the Kentucky Club in, well, Kentucky. Stable style seating where a dame and her beau could enjoy a nice quite dinner or distinguished gentleman could enjoy a good cigar and place a bet or two on the horses.  Those with a sense of adventure could venture out and experience a lit up dance floor for a night on the town. The Kentucky Club was one of Oklahoma’s hottest night spots and as we all know, where there is glitz and glamor, there is always a dark side.




After obtaining a handful of lawsuits and closings, the club flourish for a great number of years. Murder, scandal and secrets were starting rebuild the reputation of the Kentucky Club one mishap at a time.


The history of the Kentucky Club is a fun one, if you are into ladies of the night, booze and the occasional mafia or political tie in. The restaurant is now known as the County Line. Probably more famous for the BBQ than the ghosts, but here in Oklahoma, I do believe it’s one of the  most whispered about establishments in the state.


Come for the BBQ stay for the ghosts?


After meeting up with the County Line this past month. I was able to check in with some new staff members about the haunting tales and to see if they are still taking place, oh and of course to have some BBQ!  I decided to go around and take some photos of the joint since it was pretty close to closing time.  My team member Mandy had brought her tape recorder just for taking notes. After a nice evening of walking around, admiring the artwork and images from the past we were quickly reminded that the “ghosts” of the County Line are still swinging away, even today.



While taking some photos of the annex building out on the porch, I heard a man say “excuse me”. It caught me off guard, I never hear “voices” while out and about. It was just Mandy and myself out there, nobody else was around. she played the tape back and yes, we got the voice of the man saying “excuse me”, and my shocking reaction of course!  After reviewing the audio the next day, Mandy discovered that she had obtained a few great EVP’s during our non-ghost hunting adventure. It just goes to prove that the “ghosts” that are still lurking around the County Line enjoy people more when they are just hanging out, for no particular reason.


This September and October I will be hosting a series of dinners at the County Line Restaurant. BBQ & Banshees is the theme. If you are interested in ghosts or interested in BBQ and a good time, this intimate event is for you. Come and learn about the County Line and of course some of the states most haunted places. Well known authors and speakers will delight you over dinner as they share tales from Oklahoma’s past and present. Come for the food and entertainment but stay for the ghost hunt. After dinner guests will be allowed to see for themselves if the ghosts of the County Line are just rumors or the result of too much cold beer and great BBQ.


These events are open to the public and all ages are welcome. Bring the family, bring a date! The cost of the evening is cheaper than a boring night out on the town and you will have memories that will last you a lifetime. Don’t worry, singles are welcome and groups.




Check out the great line up of speakers!


David Farris- Author of Mysterious Oklahoma


Marilyn Hundson- Oklahomas own Paranormal Librarian!


Mandy Watson of GHOULI and of course Me, Tonya H. of NewsOK’s “Paranormal Eyes”.



Come hear the EVP and learn more about the ghosts of the County Line! This event is not scary by any means it’s a lot of fun!!  Reservation only! Hurry, these events will fill up fast as we get closer to Halloween!
























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